Turkey Based Games

All Games Contained are Turkey Based

Turkea Culpa

Hey turkey lovers!  As you can plainly see the site is back up (with a totally different style) after months of being offline.  No good excuse for it;  things got crazy for a long time at my day job and I kept putting this off. Sorry for the radio silence folks; this is now the end of the apology section.

Looking forward, I am determined to keep this site both alive and at least somewhat active.  In a departure from the old site, I will be posting other things in addition to just TBG news -- so be prepared for me to post about home brewing, enterprise software development, video game reviews, and sous vide recipes.

Beyond the site itself, I plan to forge ahead on some new opportunities for TBG in the coming months. Expanding the business while holding down my position as Application Architect at a fortune 200 company has proved a big challenge for the past year and a half -- but I really want to find a way to make both work.

I know I said the apology was over, but here's a kitten to drive home the point:

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